Meet A Growing List of Top Tech Recruiters & Talent Teams

Online 11th May

Online 11th May

The Digital Job Fair for those thinking about a dream career in tech.

Meet top digital career bootcamps in Germany,
as well as top tech companies looking for new talent.

The opportunity to discover your next steps,
grow your network and build term relationships with companies.

Our online event format allows you to;

- have 1:1 conversations
- share your C.V. & profile
- visit virtual company booths
- visit virtual bootcamp booths
- learn some digital & career building skills with live workshops

Meeting and interacting with recruiters face to face - better than sending a regular email application with resume and motivation letter attached
Unique opportunity to make personal and impactful connections - show your real value as a motivated applicant and make a great first impression
Networking with different corporations - learn about what is going on in the market and interact with a broad selection of companies

ReSkill Alliance wants to create a greater number of inclusive opportunities - ensuring that those who most need digital skills are able to get them. An inclusive digital society is necessary, as the basis of a digitally skilled labour force. This is guaranteed to provide and maintain strong societal and economic benefits across the EU.

🌟 ReSkill Germany is a rally call of support by tech companies in Germany - to encourage digital reskilling & upskilling, to better people for the jobs of tomorrow and drive diversity in tech.

It is a commitment to;

πŸ“ To recognise & support digital education programs (e.g. career bootcamps & online learning programs)
πŸ“ To encourage employees & job-seekers to pursue digital upskilling & reskilling.
πŸ“ To communicate labour needs & shortages to training providers & government.
πŸ“ To assist public agencies in recognising & fulfilling industry needs.
πŸ“ To initiate and promote hiring from short term digital education academies & bootcamps.
πŸ“ To support digital inclusion & the promotion of digital skills for all.

We believe that a digitally skilled labour force, must be inclusive and diverse.

πŸ‘‰ This rally call only only gets louder with your support - sign the ReSkill Germany Pledge TodayπŸ‘ˆ

It starts with a commitment

The ReSkill Germany Pledge is a commitment to change.
If our business leaders become authentic agents of change, then can we accelerate the necessary training of workforces globally.

Public Sector & Government
Public Sector & Government

- Encourage Employees & Job-seekers -

to pursue digital upskilling & reskilling.

Career Bootcamps
Career Bootcamps

- Provide Digital Skills Education -

through specific tuition, career bootcamps and other forms of learning, to develop necessary current and future digital skills.

Corporates & Tech Companies
Corporates & Tech Companies

- Recruitment & Hiring -

ready for hiring new talent, whom are equipped with new skills.

Together with Top Career Bootcamps in Germany

Data Science Retreat
Comcave College
WBS Coding School
Coding Bootcamps Europe
Headstart Academy
Level Up School
Pipeline Academy
Career Foundry
Le Wagon
Code Academy Berlin
Strive School
Hamburg Coding School
Women AI Academy
XR Bootcamp
Spiced Academy
AW Academy
IU Internationale Hochschule
Learning Digital
Coding Schule
Syntax Institut
Wild Code School

An educational pathway supported at all stage by the alliance.

With a collective effort, we want to help you acquire new skills; ready to re-enter the workforce of the future with a strong foundation that will last you lifetime. πŸ’ͺ
πŸ“ Discover the career most interesting & suited to you - as well as the training provider best suited for your learning pathway.
βœ… Specialised training with a career bootcamp - get job ready and prepared.
πŸŽ‰ Get hired with your new digital skills - career future proofed with the most important skill set of the job market.
Apply as a Student
🀩 Kickstart your journey to the skills, and jobs of the future - a fully-funded journey, supported by tech & the federal employment agency.
Become A Pledge Signer
πŸ’ͺ We are looking for corporate partners to sign The Pledge & become recruitment partners.