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Covid-19 has left hundreds of thousands without jobs over the last year in Germany β€” disproportionately impacting those without core digital skills.

🌟 ReSkill Germany is an initiative to reskill people across Germany ready for the jobs of tomorrow. By making learning digital skills as easy & accessible for all.

πŸ’» We take students through an orientation to a range of digital careers (coding, marketing, data & UX/UI) , before placing them at specialised career bootcamps.

πŸš€ Our corporate partners involve themselves in the whole education pathway and are there at the end to help graduates find jobs.

πŸ‘‰ Each month a new corporate partner will support a new batch of students - Apply Today!πŸ‘ˆ

What it is

A clear pathway from unemployed to a job in tech - fully funded.

1. StartSteps Compass Course
1. StartSteps Compass Course

- Orientate -

Try a range of skills & tech careers.
Decide on the one best for you!
(1 month course)

2. Specialised Training
2. Specialised Training

- Train -

We place you at one of our partner bootcamps,
to continue your studies.
(3-12 months)

3. A New Career in Tech
3. A New Career in Tech

- Hire -

ready to discover & find your dream job.

Career Bootcamps - We Work With

Data Science Retreat
Comcave College
WBS Coding School
Coding Bootcamps Europe
Headstart Academy
Level Up School
Pipeline Academy
Career Foundry
Le Wagon
Code Academy Berlin
Strive School
Spiced Academy
AW Academy

Take your first step

With a collective effort, we want to help you acquire new skills; ready to re-enter the workforce of the future with a strong foundation that will last you lifetime. πŸ’ͺ
Apply on this Page
πŸ“ Complete this application form and we will contact you ready with an offer. * This program is currently only for candidates registered as unemployed at the JobCenter/Agentur fΓΌr Arbeit.*
Approval by Employment Agency
βœ… Take your offer to your job agent at the Agentur fΓΌr Arbeit or Jobcenter.
Ready to Begin!
πŸŽ‰ Return to us with your voucher - if needed we can then send you a laptop, you are now ready to start the class.
Apply as a Student
🀩 Kickstart your journey to the skills, and jobs of the future - a fully-funded journey, supported by tech & the federal employment agency.
Support a Class of Students!
πŸ’ͺ We are looking for corporate partners to support batches of students, and to offer jobs for graduating students.