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10 in-Demand Tech Jobs 2021
As the massive wave of layoffs have demonstrated, many skills are no longer vital in today’s job market. In this article we’ll provide ten in-demand tech jobs in 2021.
Top 20 Digital Skills Tech Companies Look For
Digitalisation is putting the traditional workforce out of a job. A growing pool of opportunities is being opened for proficient people in web development, data analytics, UI/UX development, and much more.
10 Tips on How to Choose the Right Bootcamp
On the Internet, then you may have already seen countless people telling you about the exciting, high-paying opportunities within the tech sector. YouTube videos, ads everywhere, Instagram, Facebook, and many other websites showcase career bootcamps offering courses in marketing, coding, programming languages, other tech skills. Study here! No Study here! 3 months! 6 months! Java! Html! How are you ever expected to make a decision?
Career Bootcamps: What Are They and How Do They Work?
With so many new buzzwords and tech jargon entering into conversations monthly – the pathway to a new job in these tech fields – can seem daunting, scary and unapproachable. In recent years Career Bootcamps have demonstrated themselves as one of the quickest and best way to get a job in the tech industry. So what are career bootcamps?
How to Land Your First Job After a Coding Bootcamp
The growing impact of technology on every aspect of our lives has radically changed the job market. Today, more and more digital automations are taking over what used to be manual processes, leading to a critical demand for digital skills across the globe.