General Questions

Where is StartSteps located?

The StartSteps core team is located in Berlin, Germany. However, our classes take place online and in other campuses around Germany. Some of our team members work remotely around Europe.

Does StartSteps help me get a job?

We do everything to prepare you for what’s ahead for a job in the digital and tech economy. From our orientation and early skill development, you are passed on to a leading training provider for your specialised skills training. After this you are now prepared for applying for, interviewing,  and landing a job. We, as a community, are available to help with  what  lies ahead.

Why should I do StartSteps before joining a bootcamp or academy?

StartSteps allows you to try a range of digital skills & topics before deciding on an educational and career pathway. Being able to understand and to try coding, before starting on a 6 or 12 month program. This can save you time and money. Maybe you will discover  a different topic and find a more interesting possibility.

We want you to make the most informed decision before beginning any type of training. We also want you to be provided with an unbiased perspective and understand  the educational providers which exist. 

Does StartSteps provide me with a laptop for the course?

Yes!  – we supply all registered students with a laptop for the 4 week course. Your laptop will either be delivered to you before the course begins, or is available to be picked up at a local MediaMarkt, Saturn or Gravis store.

Laptops must be returned at the end of the one month program, but you do have the option to purchase and keep the laptop if you choose.

How does StartSteps know which program is best for me?

StartSteps allows you to assess your own skill levels and areas of interest. By understanding your interest, levels of capability and learning speeds – we can then match you with the most suited program and training provider, relevant to your situation and new career goals.

For instance  in StartSteps  you may discover an interest in Data Science, through recognising  your evident analytical skills and fast learning speed – we will recommend you to the 3 month intensive data science course offered by X Academy.

We work closely with all the digital training providers in Germany that offer Job Centre funded courses, to understand their curriculums, entrance requirements and student outcomes for all their courses.

Application, Selection, Preparation Questions

Who can do the one month course?

If you are unemployed (or soon will be) and registered at the Agentur für Arbeit or Jobcenter, you are eligible to have the course 100% financed by them with an education voucher (Bildungsgutschein).

Together with the AfA we want to welcome more and more people to the digital job economy and to the expanding jobs of the future.

We welcome anyone who is eligible for the education voucher to our courses!
Your place of origin or level of previous knowledge does not count!

To be eligible for a Bildungsgutschein you must be;

  • Registered as resident in Germany
  • Registered as unemployed at the Agentur für Arbeit or Jobcenter

How and where can I apply?

To apply, simply complete the application form on our website found by clicking the ‘Apply Now’ button, the application form on this page will ask you a few personal questions, and ask you to select;

  • Course Type: Online or Offline (Berlin Campus)
  • If you are registered with Jobcenter or Agentur für Arbeit: (Yes or No)

This speedy process will only take a few minutes. We will then contact you to understand your motivations and eligibility – before offering a place  in a suitable  programme .

If you have questions you are welcome to schedule a chat with one of our consultants.

When do I need to apply?

Classes begin every month, applications for the next class should be done at least two weeks before it begins.

Can I get a visa (e.g. student visa) when taking part in the course?

Nope, participants in the course will have to be registered as living in Germany before they can apply for the course. 


Which languages are the course taught in? How good does my language level need to be?

We will run courses in both German & English.

Students must have a good level and understanding, spoken and written –  whichever language they decide to pick.

When do the new courses start?

Every month we begin a new class.

Can my friend join me?

Sure – learning with friends can be very motivating, we encourage such participation as long as your friend is also registered and qualified with the Jobcenter or Agentur für Arbeit.

Course Questions

How is the course financed?

Participation in the course is   paid for by the Agentur für Arbeit / Jobcenter, if you are eligible you will be given an education voucher to us (Bildungsgutschein) by them.

In order to be given a Bildungsgutschein, you will need to make an appointment with your local Agentur für Arbeit / Jobcenter. A contact person there will check whether or not you are eligible.

What is the duration and intensity of a course?

The course runs for twenty-two full days, with eight hours of class each day, five days a week (from Monday to Friday).

Do I need previous technical knowledge to join the course?

We do not require any previous technical or coding experience.

Basic digital skills are helpful, but more important is genuine interest and motivation to learn and discover.

Are there part time options for students, mothers or full time employees?

At this stage there is not, we hope to offer a part time option in the near future.

How many teachers are responsible for the single class?

Each class has a capacity of 20 students, for  every 20 students there will be 1-2 teachers.

I am here on a student visa - can I attend the course?

Unfortunately people on a student visa are not eligible for support by the Jobcenter or Agentur für Arbeit  so  may not attend at the moment.