10 in-Demand Tech Jobs 2021

Tech Careers Team, StartSteps |06.10.2021

With the rise of automation and the global pandemic, there’s only one word to describe everything – unpredictable. As the massive wave of layoffs have demonstrated, many skills are no longer vital in today’s job market. Consequently, attention has turned to the tech industry, which promises long-term security and career growth for many.

With a spectrum of available positions suited to every personality type, high salaries, and competitive benefits, it’s no surprise lots of people have decided to pursue a new life & career in tech. However, it may be challenging to figure out the best career path with a wide range of opportunities requiring different skill sets and abilities. In this article we’ll provide ten in-demand tech jobs in 2021.

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1. Software Developer

A software developer is one of the most established positions in the tech sector. As a software developer, you’ll need to use analytical thinking and problem-solving skills to design apps and websites. 

In addition to being proficient in various programming languages like C++, Java, or Python, software developers have to understand algorithms and data structures to detect issues/patterns within the system. A coding or data bootcamp will teach you the skills to land a junior-level position in various sectors such as tech. 

The average base salary for a software developer: €54,000

2. UX Designer

If you’re looking for a way to integrate your creativity and skills, then UX design can be the perfect choice for you. UX designers leverage their creativity, intuition and design skills to create a seamless experience for website/product/app users. 

In addition to adaptability and a user-centric mindset, a UX course will provide designers with the skills to create prototypes, review and define data structure, and assess a platform’s usability/accessibility. As a UX designer, an applicant can land a job in various sectors such as marketing, business, psychology, and tech. 

The average base salary for a UX designer: €52,000

3. Front-End/ Back-End Engineer

As the name suggests, a front-end engineer is responsible for building the client-side of a website or software. They need to tap into their skills in HTML UX/UI, Javascript, CSS, and programming languages to perform their daily tasks. A coding or data course will go a long way in teaching front-end engineers most, if not all, of the skills above. 

Like front-end engineers, back-end engineers build the server-side of a website or program, helping to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing interface. Back-end engineers rely on their coding skills more than any other ability to fulfill their duties. Instead of pursuing a college degree, many back-end engineers take short-term coding courses in data & coding bootcamps

The average base salary for a front-end/back-end engineer: €53,000

4. Java Developer 

As you can surmise, a Java developer utilizes the Java programming language (among the most well-known and in-demand languages in the tech sector). Java Developers are responsible for managing and integrating Java apps throughout the company. Since many businesses widely use Java, a Java developer’s role may vary depending on the company.

However, it mainly requires them to simultaneously work on one or several apps. Aspiring Java developers learn and hone their skills by taking Java/coding courses in career bootcamps

The average base salary for a Java developer: €51,000

5. Product Manager 

One of the most high-paying and in-demand tech jobs of 2021 is a product manager. A product manager employs their knowledge and experience in management, communication, or marketing toward verifying that a product will fulfill its purpose. 

Their job is to essentially define the vision of success for a product and guide a team of researchers, marketers, designers and developers towards making that into a reality. To accomplish this, a product manager needs to monitor the market, understand users’ needs, and prioritize product features accordingly. 

The average base salary for a product manager: €63,000

6. Information Security Engineer

Information security engineers play a central role in maintaining and protecting a company’s competitive advantage. They’re responsible for safeguarding tech systems as well as all the electronically stored data in an organization. 

They design and monitor all security measures to protect data utilizing their expertise in programming, cybersecurity, and proficiency over script-writing languages. By going through an IT, cybersecurity or coding program in career bootcamps, you can work towards finding an entry-level position in this field. 

The average base salary for an information security engineer: €61,000

7. Mobile App Developer 

One of the most in-demand tech jobs of 2021 is mobile app development. Here, creativity and problem-solving skills are required to develop new user-friendly and state-of-the-art apps. Companies in various industries, such as tech, are constantly searching for mobile app developers with the ability to leverage modern tools and technologies. 

Programming languages are the key ingredient of any developer’s job. Mobile app developers must be proficient in standard languages like Java and various operating systems. Since apps contain personal and financial information, a mobile app developer needs to be thoroughly familiar with data security principles to protect customers’ sensitive data. 

The average base salary for a mobile app developer: €49,000

8. Data Analyst 

Businesses have never been as reliant on the crucial role of data and research, making a data analyst one of the most in-demand tech jobs of 2021. A reliable data analyst with solid interpretation and analytical skills guarantees data accuracy. 

Having an educational background in data and programming languages is a necessity for data analysts. A data analyst needs to understand programming languages such as Python to conduct advanced and predictive analysis on big data. In addition, a critical mind is the hallmark of a skillful data analyst who can connect the dots that are sometimes missing. 

The average base salary for a data analyst: €45,000

9. IT Manager 

There’s a high demand for IT managers to help tech companies plan and coordinate whatever is happening inside the IT department. IT managers are responsible for keeping companies functioning efficiently in electronic networks.

Using strategic thinking, they identify future tech needs and improve current systems. Plus, their communication skills play a significant role in creating hunger and harmony in their teams and the entire organization. But perhaps more than anything, they need to be well-versed in data, coding and anything related to information technology. Aspiring IT managers can take an IT course in a career bootcamp to significantly improve their chance of landing such a lucrative position.

The average base salary for an IT manager: €72,000

10. Cloud Engineer

Cloud engineering is a promising position in the tech industry, potentially earning you six figures. Cloud engineers are responsible for creating and maintaining cloud systems to keep the operation flowing. To secure a job as a cloud engineer, you need to have a working understanding of cloud architecture, scripting, and various programming languages. 

The average base salary for a cloud engineer: €62,000

Bottom Line

As most industries are becoming ever more technology-reliant, the tech industry appears to be ripe ground for people looking for high pay and long-term security. However, doing so requires the right mix of technical skills and hands-on experience to impress potential employers. Consequently, mentors, such as StartSteps, have become increasingly popular in recent months.

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