A Student Success Story by Bhavit (Student Spotlight)

Student Spotlight, Bhavit |24.03.2021

“Being unemployed and having too much time,
especially in these days,

I needed something to do,
some kind of mental stimulation –

I had the craving to start learning again.

After looking around for some courses I could study and do online (especially in the digital field), I came across StartSteps’ Compass course.

It sounded perfect as I was interested in starting a new digital career,
but I had no clue in which direction to go in. 

The Compass course is made up of several digital topics to get an insight of what area you like, and what to specialise in afterwards. I really enjoyed learning from their experts trainers and testing out my new skills before committing further to a more long term bootcamp.

With great advice from the StartSteps team, I decided to go in the UI Design direction, and chose to continue my studies with a course at CareerFoundry.

I just had one problem – I had no laptop to continue!

With the support of StartSteps, they reached out to some of their partners -tech company SumUp came to the rescue and provided me with a laptop to use for the following course.

A huge thank you to StartSteps and SumUp for helping me on my new digital journey!” Bhavit