“Data Science is such a wonderful subject that can be applied to so many fields.” Meet Ansam from Constructor Learning (Hello!Bootcamp)

Hello!Bootcamp series - with Constructor Learning |10.02.2023

? Welcome to the Hello!Bootcamp series, a StartSteps blog series where we turn the spotlight on our Bootcamp Partners. Chatting with their students, graduates & team members

allowing them to introduce themselves & share what makes their bootcamp the obvious choice for someone to study with.

… What is the learning environment like, what are the expected challenges & triumphs, what differentiates their bootcamp to others – what are some success stories… and why do they think someone should work in tech.

?Please welcome Ansam from Constructor Learning!

Coming from a pharmaceutical background and having no programming knowledge, Ansam was unsure how much she could learn during a 3-month Data Science Bootcamp. Now a graduate of the bootcamp, she works as a Data Science Teaching Assistant.

She shared with us her experiences at Constructor Learning, what a day at the Data Science Bootcamp looks like, and her inside tips for those who are thinking of joining a bootcamp.

Hi Ansam, can you tell us a little about yourself, your role, and your Bootcamp.

My name is Ansam Zedan, 36 years old. Background in pharmaceuticals with 9 years experience. Participated in the February 2022 Data Science
Bootcamp and currently working as the Data science bootcamp teaching assistant.

How would you describe the learning atmosphere at Constructor Learning?

There are many aspects to the Constructor Learning bootcamp, first I would like to address the amazing teachers that taught us, data scientists with plenty of experience, guiding us through the work of data scientists, and most importantly patience to answer all of our questions. Another aspect is how the program is structured. I was really scared of how much can be learned in the course of 3 months. It was indeed stressful but the way it was constructed made sure the material is understood and practiced.

On a daily basis, lectures from 9 am until 12-14 (depending on the subject) and from then until 18 practicing exercises with the supervision and help of the teaching assistant. What I also enjoyed was group challenges after each major subject was covered which allowed us not only to practice and revise the material but also learn how to work in a team and present our results. And last but not least, the atmosphere and the friendships established throughout the bootcamp.

How would you describe the difference of Constructor Learning from others?

I do not have any experience with other bootcamps, but I joined this one after a thorough investigation. For me the aspects of in person teaching, material covered (available on Constructor Learning website) and career help were top priority.

What is one thing you think everyone should know before jumping into tech?

PRACTICE BY DOING. I can’t emphasize this enough. A year ago my programming skills were insignificant and they simply flourished by simply choosing snippets on coding practices to doing whole projects in programming to improve those skills. It was hard to get out of this comfort zone of reading scientific material and explanations to actual programming but it proved to be the best decision to train my brain to this kind of problem solving. Just like learning a new language, we can read as much as we want but the best way to master it is to talk to native speakers, even make mistakes to learn as much as possible.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who’s thinking to join your bootcamp?

Don’t be scared if you have no experience in programming, I wish I could give myself this advice back then. Data Science is such a wonderful subject that can be applied to so many fields.

What’s a message you would love to share with potential future students at Constructor Learning?

Learn and practice the basics of python, this way your journey will be more efficient and less frustrating.

And finally, where was the best vacation you’ve ever taken?

Birmingham, started an event for my favorite author in the whole world Tolkien, meeting super fans like me, cosplaying, good food, and visiting the places that inspired him. Then to Oxford and the botanic gardens.

Thank you, Ansam!

Constructor Learning is a Coding and Data Science academy offering a variety of full-time and part-time programs to motivated learners looking to enhance their careers with technology. Through a hands-on and project-based approach, our teaching methods consist of a combination of lectures and follow-on exercises. With a strong industry focus, our programs are designed to simulate a real work environment, from the technologies we teach, and the teamwork between students, to the projects they work on. Every module ends with a project so that students use what they learned. The final capstone project is done in collaboration with the industry.

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