“The Journey from Cooking to Coding” Meet Dean from DevHaus Leipzig (Hello!Bootcamp)

Hello!Bootcamp series - with DevHaus Leipzig |19.10.2022

? Welcome to the Hello!Bootcamp series, a StartSteps blog series where we turn the spotlight on our Bootcamp Partners. Chatting with their students, graduates & team members

allowing them to introduce themselves & share what makes their bootcamp the obvious choice for someone to study with.

… What is the learning environment like, what are the expected challenges & triumphs, what differentiates their bootcamp to others – what are some success stories… and why do they think someone should work in tech.

?Please welcome our first guest & bootcamp – Dean from DevHaus Leipzig!

Attracted by the idea of working remotely, Dean started learning coding at DevHaus Leipzig when Covid-19 hit. Now a graduate of the bootcamp, he works as a Junior Fullstack Developer.

He shared with us his experiences at DevHaus Leipzig, and how the Code & Design Bootcamp has prepared him for landing a job in tech.

Hi, can you tell us a little about yourself & your background before DevHaus Leipzig?

I took a long path to where I am now. After school I studied Mechanical Engineering and then worked a couple of years in the Gas Mining indsutry in Australia. I didn’t like this at all and quit, took some time off and then started a Cooking Apprenticeship. I liked this a lot, but after a couple years of this I wanted to take a break to go travelling. This short break turned into an extended stay in Leipzig, where I started pursuing art interests, such as tattooing, photography and film making, while cooking on the side. Three years later Covid-19 hit and this all became very unstable, so I needed a new plan for the future. Working with computers and the possibility to work online was very appealing, and I was recommended this bootcamp from a friend of mine. Six months later I had learnt how to make websites. Neat.

What are the core skills needed to succeed as a Fullstack Developer? How did your time at DevHaus Leipzig get you prepared for this role?

I believe the most useful skills are that of initiative, curiosity, and discipline. The bootcamp helped to align these skills I had already been curating, into the collaborative industry of Technology. The bootcamp functioned as if it were a real company, with the other students my colleagues, and the instructors my superiors. We had meetings, deadlines, file systems and best practices outlined to us by the instructors. It was up to the individual to get the most out of the course. The continual refinement of these skills will be necessary for me to succeed in my new role.

How would you describe your experiences with DevHaus Leipzig during the course and after graduation?

Our course was a hybrid of online and in person learning. This gave the flexibility of attending the classroom to collaborate with other students, or taking time for yourself when necessary. I liked that. The learning curve changed gradient several times over the course. Initially there was a lot of new content coming very quickly, after time to practice these skills, another round of heavy content was shown. I am happy with the pace and learning that was possible with this course. After gradutating, I get the feeling that Alumni are welcome members of the community and there is still resources available should anyone require assistance.

Why should someone choose DevHaus Leipzig?

It is learning in a concise format, with a balance of theory and putting theory into practice. The topics focus on the accepted current industry standards and even provide insight into the future of web development. DevHaus is also strives to curate attendees, on a wide range of factors such as previous experience, enthusiasm as well as sociological cohesion and group dynamics. This makes for a pleasant and welcoming environment for learning.

What’s a message you would love to share to people who’re thinking of jumping into tech?

There is a job in Technology for every type of person out there. It doesn’t matter what you did before, if you are interested you will make it. It encompasses science, engineering, psychology and art, and if you are interested in any of these topics you will be able to find a job that you like.

And finally, what is your dream country to visit? Why?

I want to visit Mexico and its neighbours in South America. I’m from Australia and this place seems so foreign yet so relatable to me. I have been to many other places in Asia and Europe, but not yet there. I want to eat sunkissed vegetables and take a break at lunchtime because it’s so hot.

Devhaus Leipzig grew out of the need for a place where developers could learn and contribute to meaningful projects. Their mission is to support the members of their community to reach their creative and professional goals. Aspiring developers can take part in their Academy to learn the fundamentals of software development. Once graduated, they join the community of residents in the Studio, where their personal and professional projects find the support they need to thrive.

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