Start Your Career as a Data Scientist.

Tech Careers Team, StartSteps |04.01.2021

Join a cutting-edge field with high-growth potential. As a data scientist, you sit at the intersection of technology, statistics, and business strategy.

Why Become a Data Scientist?

An in-demand role that can be performed remotely: Data scientists are critical business partners in the age of big data. They gather, structure, and interpret data to inform strategy and operations. Highly valued for their unique blend of skills, data scientists often have a great deal of independence in shaping their role.

What is a Data Scientist?

At its core, data science is storytelling. Data scientists make sense of the practically limitless amounts of data available today so organisations can understand and predict their performance. 

Data scientists are highly sought-after for their interdisciplinary toolbelt including programming, statistics, and machine learning.

Communication is their superpower; they help anyone understand complicated tech concepts. And curiosity is their compass; they seek out mysteries to solve.

You benefit from the work of data scientists every day, whether it’s your music app recommending a great playlist or a health app tracking your steps. Armed with this knowledge, you can make more informed decisions. Maybe you’ll explore some new artists or take the long way to work to meet your exercise goals.

It’s the same for businesses, but on a much larger scale. They want to improve products, campaigns, distribution, hiring, etc, so (rather than relying on blind assumptions) they look to data to steer their efforts. 

What Kind of Data Scientist Are You?

Data science is a growing field with many applications from creating systems to predicting the future. Each one requires a different skills emphasis but the common ground is passion and curiosity!

What is a Data Analyst

Who: Superb communicators who can adjust information delivery to their audience. Data analysts thrive on curiosity (not assumptions) and are relentless information hunters.

What: Working with teams from marketing to product, a data analyst helps organizations gather, structure, and interpret data. This is where most data scientists start their careers.

Why: It’s their job to answer business-critical questions (like why did this campaign succeed?) and mine data for insights to understand performance and outcomes.

Tools: Python, R, SQL queries, Data gathering/cleaning/visualisation, Statistics

What is a Data Scientist

Who: Do you not only answer questions but create questions? For data scientists, risk-taking is the norm. They  constantly look to the future and ask ‘what if?’

What: In addition to the responsibilities of a data analyst, a data scientist must test and predict outcomes (often using machine learning) to inform future business strategy.

Why: Data scientists help companies make informed and (hopefully) profitable decisions. Experimentation is encouraged and out-of-the-box thinking required.

Tools: Data Analysts skills + Apache, Machine Learning

What is a Data Engineer

Who: A data engineer doesn’t just think about what needs to be done they think about how it should be done. They set long term goals and pave the way for future success.

What: Data engineers delve deeper into the world of programming to create a sustainable architecture for storing and accessing vast amounts of data.

Why: When data pipelines are strong, any team member from digital product teams to sales can access data in a useable format and make more calculated decisions.

Tools: Python, SQL, Postgre

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