Start Your Career as a Web Developer.

Tech Careers Team, StartSteps |05.11.2020

Join a high-demand field that’s creative and rewarding. As a web developer, you shape online experiences for people all over the world.

Why Become a Web Developer?

Choose a future-facing career with high growth potential. Web developers have in-demand skills that are highly valued. You will use your creative problem solving to bring websites to life and since all you need is your computer, you have the flexibility to work from anywhere with wifi.

What is a Web Developer?

Web developers come in three main varieties—
front-end, back-end, and full stack—but what do they actually do?

Today, almost every organization in the world has a website. You visit these pages every day to connect, learn, buy, and share. Even though this online environment is new, it’s hard to imagine life without them. As more interactions happen online, companies need help shaping their web presence, that’s where web developers come in. 

Web developers create the look, feel, and structure of website pages, from awesome graphics to annoying pop-ups. When you buy a shirt online, a web developer made that possible. When a website remembers your data, thank a web developer. Anything you do online, you can be sure a web developer is behind it.

How do web developers do all this? The answer is both simple and complex: coding. You’ve heard the term before, but what is coding, actually? It turns out coding simply means you’re commanding the computer to do something. To accomplish this, web developers use different languages like HTML or JavaScript. The languages and skills needed will vary by role, but all developers should have a love of problem-solving and an eye for detail.

What Kind of Web Developer Are You?

Web development is a rich and varied field with many applications from user experience to website architecture. It is one of four exciting jobs the “Digital Job Compass” will introduce to you.

What is a Front-end Developer?

Who: Visual thinkers are often drawn to front-end web development and those with high empathy skills, who can get into the user’s head.

What: A front end developer is responsible for the user experience of a website. They configure images, text, and interactive fields you see on pages like this one. 

Why: It’s their job to showcase the information and features of a website. Intuitive design can also encourage visitors to complete actions like sign up for a newsletter.

Languages: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and more.

What is a Back-End Developer?

Who: Want to shape the foundations of a project. Problem solvers with a strong sense of logic will find the back-end web development truly fascinating. 

What: If a website were a restaurant, back-end would be the kitchen—everything you don’t see as a user such as databases, operating systems, and servers.

Why: Back-end developers create the architecture for the website to ensure the capabilities of the page align with business goals like selling products or securing data.

Languages: PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, and more.

What is a Full Stack Developer?

Who: A full stack developer is a jack of all trades who likes to see a project through from start to finish. This field calls on people eager to understand every aspect of their work.

What: Combine the skills of front-end and back-end and you have a full stack developer. These all-stars are able to program the structure and design of websites.

Why: Full stack developers bring a big-picture perspective to any project. These generalists are preferred for smaller teams that want a single person to manage their website. 

Languages: All of the above!

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