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Tech Careers Team, StartSteps |17.02.2021

Explore a dynamic field that’s business-critical. As a Digital Marketer, you form creative digital strategies to scale your organisation.

Why Become a Digital Marketer?

Companies value the know-how and experience of online marketers to reach and find customers digitally. Use your high-demand skills in any industry and work from wherever (as long as there’s wifi).

What is an Online Marketer?

Simply put online marketers bring in customers using digital channels like social media, email, online ad spaces, and search engines.

With the ubiquity of computers and smartphones, you probably do a majority of your connecting and purchasing online. Companies know this and want to be sure to reach you with a strategic digital presence. This means meeting you where you already spend time online—whether it’s Facebook or your favorite news site.

You’ve experienced online marketing when a company sends you an email newsletter or when you come across ads/sponsored content on your social media. Sometimes you even initiate the online marketing connection when you use a search engine to learn about products/services. There are many different forms of online marketing, and that means a lot goin on behind the scenes.

Online marketers are like a swiss army knife: they can create/manage content for social media and web pages, ensure written content is easy for search engines to identify, engage customers with email marketing and other channels, as well as creating and placing advertisements. 

This laundry list may seem overwhelming, but online marketers enjoy the variety. Of course, there are specializations and you will build out your toolbox to support your niche.

What Kind of Online Marketer Are You?

There are many specialties in the field of online marketing from managing content to growing and maintaining your customer base.

What is a CRM Manager?

Who: You like finding patterns and solving problems. It’s fascinating to understand people’s motivations, and you love experiemnting with new ways of doing things.

What: A customer relationship manager engages an organisation’s current audience and gathers data on past/present/potential customers to deliver relevant content.

Why: CRM retention campaigns (like email newsletters) boost customer loyalty and help organisations better understand their audience in order to increase engagement.

Tools: CRM Softwares, Social Channels, Newsletter lists

What is an SEO/SEM specialist?

Who: Did you take clocks apart as a child to see how they worked? If you are curious and patient, then understanding the ‘why’ behind search engines, like Google, may be for you.

What: Search engine optimization and search engine marketing specialists attract customers to a company’s site through ads and on-page content.

Why: When potential customers search for goods/services relevant to your company, you want them to find your website ASAP. From there you can wow them with your product.

Tools: SEO, Keyword Search, Search/Display Ads

What is a Social Media Manager?

Who: Do you love checking your feed and trying out the latest features on IG or TikTok? Social Media Managers are born communicators with an eye for detail.

What: Social Media Managers plan and execute content plans for social channels, engaging and growing a company’’s audience with relevant content.

Why: A strategic social media presence helps build brand awareness and is a useful tool for sales as well as recruiting. You would be crucial to the outward face of the company.

Tools: Social Media Scheduling Platforms, Social Media Channels, Design Softwares

What is a Performance Marketer?

Who: Are you the friend who always suggests a game? If you love strategy, competition, and winning then performance marketing may be for you.

What: Performance marketers drive growth with ads and affiliate content measured by actions like views, clicks, impressions, and conversions.

Why: Ads and affiliate content make it easy for interested audiences to reach your services. The more you understand your customer, the better your results will be.

Tools: Facebook/Google Ads, feed and catalogue experience, web tracking, campaign management.

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