Web Development Bootcamp at SuperCode and now Frontend Developer. Meet Afrae El-Fatuki (Hello!Bootcamp)

Hello!Bootcamp series - with SuperCode |31.10.2022

? Welcome to the Hello!Bootcamp series, a StartSteps blog series where we turn the spotlight on our Bootcamp Partners. Chatting with their students, graduates & team members

allowing them to introduce themselves & share what makes their bootcamp the obvious choice for someone to study with.

… What is the learning environment like, what are the expected challenges & triumphs, what differentiates their bootcamp to others – what are some success stories… and why do they think someone should work in tech.

?Please welcome our guest & bootcamp – Afrae from SuperCode!

Afrae, having an administration background and working as a translator before, is now a Frontend Developer based in Berlin. Graduating from SuperCode Web Development Bootcamp, we invited her to tell us about her time at SuperCode and how it has helped her with succeeding in her current role.

Hi, can you tell us a little about yourself & your background before SuperCode?

Hi, my carrier started in Spain where I did my “Ausbildung” in administration, unfortunately I wasn’t passionate about it but due to my situation at that time, that was one of the few options I had. after that I worked in administrations and also in bilateral translation in Arabic, English and Spanish.

What are the core skills needed to succeed as a Frontend Developer? How did your time at SuperCode get you prepared for this role?

I think there are many factors, some of them are: Communication and being able to work with other colleagues from other departments is a must, problem solving is also important, recognizing when I need help has accelerated my progress. When I did group work with other students in the bootcamp, it helped me a lot to get an idea of how it works in real work life.

How would you describe your experiences with SuperCode during the course and after graduation?

It was really nice and yet intense, you learn so many new things in a very short time, I’ve never done anything like this before, it was challenging and fun, plus I met very nice, smart people who had different backgrounds, professions and studies…. it was interesting!

If I’m honest, after the bootcamp I felt so intimidated by the job descriptions that I didn’t know if I was ready for the job market, so I took the time to learn more and sent my resume to all the companies that had openings and decided to do an internship first. Once I found the job, it was amazing. I have the best mentor and team, I learn something new every day in programming and other areas like web 3.0, and at the same time I see amazing progress, I gained so much confidence in what I do. I am so excited about the next years. ?‍?

Why should someone choose SuperCode?

Personally, I chose SuperCode because I liked the fact that there was an intensive 5-month program in German. Also, the onboarding team was impeccable, took great care of me and helped me with the whole process, which was very important for me as a foreigner. ?

What’s a message you would love to share to people who’re thinking of jumping into tech?

I can only say that it is a very promising field, there is always a lot to learn and the more you learn, the more doors open for you. Once you are in you can find what you like more and create your own way, there are unlimited options of things you can do.

And finally, what is your dream country to visit? Why?

Well, I have two answers that are very opposite from one another. I would like to travel to the United Arab Emirates and visit the Museum of the Future, and I would also like to travel to Indonesia to practice yoga, be in nature and eat all the exotic fruits. ?

Thank you, Afrae!

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