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42 Wolfsburg

42 Wolfsburg

42 is an innovative, higher education software engineering school set out to redefine formal education by unraveling the potential of students of all levels through project based peer-to-peer learning. The 42 approach is adopted by a network of schools all over the globe. At 42 Wolfsburg, we sail under all colours, genders, and ages and care for each other. We give you access to real-world experiences to grow your portfolio as a software engineer in a number of fields, putting you in the driver seat of your career.

    Computer Science with Specialisations

    42 Wolfsburg

    42 Wolfsburg is a full-time programming education where you start from absolute scratch and graduate as a highly qualified junior developer in 1 year or as a highly qualified software engineer in 3 years! Through our world-class curriculum, you learn with your peers, develop projects, and earn points to pass levels – and we cover your fees from start to finish!


    Junior developer (12 Months) Software engineer (36 months)



    Payment Options:

    • Free


    • None - Anybody can apply, regardless of experience or diploma.