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Coding Bootcamps Europe

Coding Bootcamps Europe

Coding Bootcamps Europe is a provider of professional and advanced training in the IT sector. With the bootcamp concept the coaches and trainers train participants to become web developers in only twelve weeks. With 124,000 open positions and an entry-level salary of around €40,000, this is a useful professional development option for many people, especially in times of Corona. The founders Robin Böhm and Mareike Kirch focus on promoting diversity.

    Coding Bootcamp Web Development

    Coding Bootcamps Europe

    The goal is to teach the participants practical knowledge in the field of web development. This includes creating and maintaining modern web pages and applications. The goal is to provide the attendees with the practical and theoretical knowledge at the level of specialists and experts.


    13 weeks at 40 hrs/week



    Payment Options:

    • Funded by Agentur fur Arbeit or Jobcenter
    • Income Sharing Agreement
    • Upfront Payment


    • None


    333 /183/2021