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Hamburg Coding School

Hamburg Coding School

Hamburg Coding School teaches software development in evening courses. It is a certified educational institution that offers excellent teaching with small classes of up to eight students. Our mission is to provide a high quality learning experience with qualified teachers, a state-of-the-art curriculum and researched teaching methods. The course program Full-Stack Web Development is a six months part-time course that teaches the skills you need to become a web developer. Evening classes make it possible to take the course while being employed or having other obligations. Students of this program also get additional individual mentoring and career support.

    Full-Stack Web Development

    Hamburg Coding School

    Learn all the different web technologies that you need to become a full-stack web developer.


    6 months at 9hrs/week


    € 6,500 (€ 500 per month + other options)

    Payment Options:

    • Income sharing agreement
    • Monthly Payments
    • Upfront Payment


    • Motivation and commitment
    • Good level of English languague
    • Bring your own laptop