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Hyrise Academy

Hyrise Academy

Not everybody can learn how to code.

Hyrise Academy is an online talent accelerator laser-focused on giving motivated people the space they deserve in tech. We select motivated people from diverse backgrounds, provide intensive online training, and connect them with top tech companies. Our focus is on non-technical roles such as Business Development and Sales.

The Hyrise Course is education as it should be: online, self-paced, and practical. Students get paired with an individual mentor to provide direct feedback and perform real-world sales with real products from day one. Once they graduate, we support them during their job search and connect them with our network of employers. If they don’t land a job, they pay nothing.

    Tech Sales Bootcamp Part-Time

    Hyrise Academy

    Learn tech sales in 7 weeks. We will individually coach you through each step in the sales funnel whilst you perform real sales for a real funnel until you reach mastery.

    -Offered in English & German.


    7 weeks at 20-30 hrs/week



    Payment Options:

    • Funded by Agentur fur Arbeit or Jobcenter
    • Upfront Payment
    • Income Sharing Agreement


    • Aptitude test
    • Personal interview