Le Wagon: Speak & Code Academy

Le Wagon: Speak & Code Academy

A world-class combination of Web Development and German language classes. Learn all the skills you need to kick-start a new career in tech in Germany – only in 6 months.

While Le Wagon will be providing the teaching for coding,
partners Lingoda and Kiron Open Higher Education will provide you with the German language and inclusion classes.

The Speak & Code Academy is the combination of a fast-tracked educational experience with the ability to empower you to become part of the current highest-paid job market while giving you the chance and the necessary skills to become a new members of your local society.

  • Speak & Code

    Le Wagon: Speak & Code Academy

    -Web Development Course
    The core target of the program is to teach you programming up to the level of a Junior Software Engineer.
    This module will be given by the world’s leading tech educator Le Wagon and reflects around 80% of the course.
    You will understand and build a web app with all its possible components, from designing the product to the final front- and back-end development of it. After the course, you will be fully equipped to start a new career in tech: as a junior developer, technical product manager, or by building your own startup.

    -Language & Inclusion
    Independent of your German level at the beginning of the course, they will receive a tailor-made language and learning experience from the Online language school Lingoda.
    Additionally, the educational NGO KIRON will be giving a weekly 1-hour session on the understanding of German culture, society and history.

    6 months
    Funding Options
    Funded by Agentur fur Arbeit or Jobcenter
    Laptop Provided