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Pipeline Academy

Pipeline Academy

Pipeline Academy is the world’s first coding bootcamp focusing on data engineering, the most sophisticated and most in-demand competency in the data ecosystem. 

The 12-week full-time bootcamp in Berlin (or remote) sets you up to kickstart your data career and become an invaluable player in any data-driven organisation. Learn how mobility startups, fintech unicorns, music and video streaming services, ecommerce giants and renowned Fortune 500 companies create products and services built on data. During data engineering course you'll learn the essential skills and a timeless approach that enable you to build complex data products, machine learning systems, business intelligence infrastructure and data analytics tools. We'll teach you how to approach data in a technology agnostic and solution-oriented way, and how to navigate with confidence through the rapidly evolving landscape of the data engineer's toolkit.

Learn sustainable data craftsmanship beyond the AI-hype.

    Data Engineering Bootcamp

    Pipeline Academy

    Learn data craftsmanship beyond the AI-hype. Our highly focused curriculum teaches you the fundamentals of building infrastructure that powers data products, business intelligence and machine learning systems in a sustainable way.


    3 months at 40 h/week



    Payment Options:

    • Funded by Agentur fur Arbeit or Jobcenter
    • Income Sharing Agreement
    • Company Financed Participation (QCQ)
    • Deferred payment
    • Upfront Payment


    • None